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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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about those kids, he gets me mad. scary moments for passengers on board a united airlines flight bound for denver identical triplets get to go home. that next on 9news. we have breaking news out of the douglas county courthouse. one of the girls accused of plotting an attack at mountain vista high school has been formally charged. ryan harris joins us with more. she is one of 216-year-old accused in the case. >> reporter: we have just learn that one of those girls has been charged as an adult. her name is deanna johnson. she and another 16-year-old were arrested for planning an attack on the school. there were arrested after a tipster notified of the attack.
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indicated for student -- indicating where students would be at certain times. she even had a schedule for school resource officers. she bought a bb gun and have been doing target practice. she admitted to law enforcement officers that she -- if she had to do it again shot -- do it again, she would be more discreet. the other girl must undergo a psychiatric evaluation and she will be back in court on january 14. >> ryan, thank you. president. obama took executive action to clarify and strengthen gun control. 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us that there are people that were there with lost loved ones in mass shootings. >> in this room right here there are a lot of stories and heartache. >> reporter: in front of dozens of people who have survived and lost loved ones to gun
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obama unveiled executive actions to tighten controls on guns bought and sold in the u.s. >> every year, 30,000 americans have their lives cut short by guns. people are dying. the constant excuses for inaction no longer do. they no longer suffice.>> reporter: the pres.'s executive actions bypass congress and call for expanding background checks as well is calling for gun show an online sellers to be licensed. it deals with the expanded checks and licensee in with improved gun safety technology along with spending $500 million on mental health programs. the national rifle association blasted the move saying it would not improve public safety. that was echoed by presidential candidate marco rubio.
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who do not obey the law. >> reporter: a woman was at the white house for the pres.'s announcement.>> what i want to see happen in colorado is a way removed from someone's hand who is acting in a dangerous way or anger management issues. >> reporter: she says one way to do that would be to give families better tools to help are mentally ill. before they hurt themselves or others. maya rodriguez, 9news. executive actions are not permanent and can be overturned by the succeeding president. several republicans running for president and congressional republicans criticize the announcement. corey gardner says the president has little respect for the constitutional rights of gun owners. the airport in spokane, washington has reopened after freezing rain caused a 737
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and i see runway -- icy runway. it happen around 6:00 this morning. >> i had a flight to go to denver that was supposed to leave at 5:30 in the morning. we were loaded up and out there on the taxiway. when they went to turn, why, it was so slick that the pain started sliding and it slip >> flight operations at spokane international airport was shut passengers were offloaded aircraft. the jefferson county corn nor -- corner confirmed that the body that was recovered was 55-year-old john a. rutter. they used search dogs and heavy equipment to find his body. the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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was raped near campus and the crime involved a date rape drug. jessica joins us. >> reporter: according to the latest number given to us by you -- by du is where the assault allegedly happened. it brings a warning and a reminder from officials tonight. a du student reported being raped just two days into the new year. the location was close to the university -- university. the staff from past two years tell us why that is unusual. statistics for -- statistics from 2014 show all of the attacks happen on campus.>> du campus. this is something we take seriously and something we want to work to prevent from happening in our community.>> reporter: sheet is director of
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students with gender related violence.>> the number one date rape drug is alcohol. attention put toward rupees and things like that. perpetrator say to look for it is more than stopping yourself from picking up a drink. tool. it comes back to trusting your instincts in your gut and looking out for one another. it is most often not somebody slipping something into your drink, it is people looking for a vulnerable target and taking advantage of them.>> reporter: denver police are looking into the attack. they take -- they say they have not interviewed the victim.>> it is a column -- a common fallacy when you think of
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it is often alcohol. the treasury secretary told 9news that the u.s. economy will go strong despite the struggles overseas. the secretary stopped in denver to promote the obama administration's my ra program. it got off to a rocky start this year because of the chinese economy. the focus is shifting from industry to services for the country's booming population. how the world's second world -- largest economy the impact us >> in our global economy, how worried are you that the struggles in china will translate to speed bumps for us? >> i think the challenge that we have to keep our eye on is, will china stick to the reform to. will it allow the move from a heavily state owned enterprise with a manufacturing economy to a less controllable consumer driven economy?
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stable i think. u.s. economy. mixed today. an earthquake near oklahoma city have regulators cracking down on oil and gas operators. they are limiting the amount of a 4.5 earthquake caused minor dent -- damage and no injuries. they are pushing water into a -- to underground caverns. the industry says there is no the earthquakes. the leader at the national wildlife refuge in oregon says they will leave when the federal government turns the land over to locals. ranchers, lockers and farmers should have control of the land.
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was involved in a high profile standoff with the government. tanya couch , the mother of ethan couch appeared in court after being deported from mexico last week. she was sent from california to texas where she will face a felony charge of hindering apprehension. authorities believe that she and her son fled to mexico in november while prosecutors investigated whether the 18- year-old had violated his probation. ethan couch was sentenced to 10 years probation in 2013 for a drunken-driving crash that killed four people. he remains in mexico where he is fighting deportation back to the united states. the west point military academy , brigadier. -- general. diana holland became the first female, don't of the academy.
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it includes u.s. army command and the school of advanced military studies. holland has commanded at every level from company through division. >> pretty impressive. >> you bet she is. we will have the forecast. also, rare identical triplets born in texas were
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everybody said this was going to happen. the forecasters did. el nio is dumping rain in california and flash flood
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many parts of the state. as much as 15 inches of rain could fall in northern california over the next two weeks. the southern part of california could see as much as 3 inches. this is the stadiums -- the same storm that will bring colorado snow later in the week. the consumer electronic show has opened in las vegas. there is a wiggly, bendable product which is a flexible camera that wraps around your wrist and can be straightened out to take a selfie. it takes the place of the selfie stick. there are also laser brands and brushes -- bands and brushes to stimulate hair growth. the new tech will stimulate cells. the show is open wednesday through saturday. a rare set of identical triplets born in december have been released from the hospital.
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than doubled the size of the family of stephanie and brad harris. they were first told they were having twin girls and then a third child was found during an ultrasound. >> they make the same noises and do the same thing. >> they have their own language. >> they talk to each other in their own language and they all love to keep their hands in front of but their face. it is crazy how they do the same things. >> we are way outnumbered now. [ laughter ]. it is going to be busy at work and trying to keep up with it all.>> reporter: harris girls are doing fine despite arriving 10 weeks early. the possibility of identical triplets is one and 60,000. they are going to be busy. >> doubt -- the dad sounded sort of enthusiastic. >> you know how it is.
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hello and welcome back. meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 backyard. you can see travel is low on i- 25 tonight if you are waiting for someone for dinner.
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beautiful up-and-down the front range today. air-quality not that good. the high was 45 which is above average and some 50s showed up on the plains this afternoon. the official record is kept at dia and that is where the we are right about where we should be this time of year. currently at the airport it is 38 degrees with wind out of the west/southwest. a storm system coming into drought ravaged california and bringing too much of a good thing. heavy rain in the area. there's a flood watch because of that and also heavy snow warnings as well. a winter weather advisory for the average shaded -- the area shaded and blue has about 6 inches of rain. there is a concern of flash flooding and debris flows as well. here in colorado, a winter weather advisory goes out from midnight tonight through midnight tomorrow night for about six inches of snow in
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potential for flurries in denver and a little bit of light snow here thursday and models are agreeing that wednesday night there will be less than 1/2 inch accumulation. thursday about 1 inch. by the time the system grinds down friday night and into saturday, these are the total numbers. system. the jet stream is calling -- is carrying the store south. a one is onshore and the other one is out in the pacific. we are anticipating heaviest rain and snow over the next 24- 36 hours. with this aggressive -- aggressive pattern, most of the precipitation is in the western slope area. we started cooling trend on wednesday with light snow and light wind. it picks up on some of the west and southwest facing slopes. there could be areas of fog in the stream eastern plains
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there will be fog and haze. we will hopefully get some of the bad air out of here. moisture increasing over this southern mountains and then the central mountains. 18 in fort collins and 22 in denver. high country temperatures will be comfortable with the cloud deck in place. mid-40s in denver and close to 60 in southeastern colorado. this is ahead of the weather maker which will bring breezy conditions to idaho springs and grand lake. the forecast for tonight, we are calling for partly cloudy skies with a low of 22. it will be hazy mack, cool and dry. tomorrow, temperatures in the 40s with mostly cloudy skies and flurries tomorrow night. we have an inch of snow coming in thursday and into friday morning which could impact your morning drive. then, clearing skies for the weekend. sunshine with lows in the mid- 20s for the weekend. it is stock show weekend. the next chance for snow will
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keep those pictures coming stocks closing mostly higher today after wavering between small gains in big
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the avalanche forward jerome figures it out in the end. sometimes you set a goal and you get robbed. sometimes you don't shoot the puck and you make nhl history. the 600th goal of his career was scored kind of by accident.>> mcginnis scores.
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525 with calgary, some with pittsburgh and in with colorado. that means 600. he can't remember them all, but the milestone stick out. >> when i got my 500, it was a moldy goal. i'm not picky. felt good. they all felt good. it was neat to get it here at home and the fans were great. i appreciate that. those are things that one day i will appreciate and also remember one day. everywhere i go, people asked me the same two questions. how many bobble heads do i have? how tall is kathy sabine? now there is a third, don't you feel sorry for brock?>> he is 6 foot seven -- 67 inches tall,
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no, i don't feel sorry for brock osweiler. you should not either. he spent nearly 4 years learning his craft from the greatest to ever do it. then, when he finally got his chance, he led the broncos to three straight victories winning awards and gracing magazine covers. he has a bunch of cool nicknames too like the brocky mountains and the wonderful wizard of oz. after two months in the starting lineup, he will likely be offered a new contract worth stay in denver. perhaps even more to leave. >> i will guarantee you that there will be competition. he knows the team has confidence. he's a tough young man and i know he is done a great job. everybody knows it, or we would not be in the position we are in if you had not done the job that he is done.>> i never felt
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sure, he got screwed, no doubt about that. it was not his fault that the broncos trailed the last-place chargers at halftime. an occasional block would be nice. the coach kubiak got the idea to send in the aging, unproductive rusty benchwarmer into the game and it worked.>> this may be a scenario that he wouldn't do in other circumstances. >> there was no conversation. usually there is no you don't talk to the backup and say, you may be going in. that was not a conversation. >> reporter: the other players responded to the switch in the fans went crazy. the broncos clinched another division championship plus the top seed in the playoffs. now, everybody is curious to see if the old man has one last super bowl run in that magical right arm. are you? after rescuing the troubled
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temporarily. in favor of the all-time most valuable player. he has a wonderful future filled with fame and fortune in front of him. if you feel sorry for that, i feel sorry for you. [ laughter ].>> besides, who is to say that kubiak does not pull another switch in the playoffs. he has the guts to pull manning and then to bring them back. it should become official on thursday. gary kubiak has not announced that peyton manning will be the pattern -- will be the quarterback, but peyton manning is going to be the quarterback.>> this is a fun season. just when you think you know what is going to happen, something else happens.>> reporter: coakley's -- hopefully it has a happy ending. it has been a remarkable
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>> you tell people i am as tall as brock osweiler? what you tell them?>> we have our fun friend over here. >> she is dry and.>> 5'11" is not a giant. now, my feet are a different story. we may be measuring the snow in feet in the sierras. there is a storm system bringing snow in winter travel advisories to california. that storm is headed to colorado and there is a winter weather advisory for the mountains wednesday night and into thursday. >> she has hands like dinner plates.
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